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Riffre SMS Software RSS 2.0

Affordable, Easy to use & Trusted Bulk SMS Software

Riffre Technology Services offers you a fully customized bulk SMS software with everything you need in a software to start your own bulk sms business as an AGGREGATOR OR SERVICE PROVIDER. And most importantly, You don't require any technical skills to manage it. Benefits of RSS 2.0:

  • Easy to use Interface
  • Completely Web based software
  • Easy Installation
  • User Friendly front Panel
  • Unlimited SMPP Connection capability
  • Compatible with most SMPP providers
  • Easy to manage SMS queue
  • Unlimited User, Reseller creation facility
  • Unlimited SMS selling facility
  • White Labeled Panel for resellers

Riffre SMS Software RSS 2.0 Features

Brief detail about Riffre RSS 2.0 features

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Easy to use Interface

Riffre RSS 2.0 is made keeping in mind that not every person is technical. So, it should be easily accessible by everyone. Your users will easily understand how to use the panel.


Completely Web based Software

Riffre RSS 2.0 runs on your web server. So, you will be having the full control on your software. You can easily create user ID's for your users and resellers using the web interface.


Unlimited SMS Selling authority

You can sell unlimited virtual credit to your users and resellers with having a minimum backup for sending those SMS. Recharge your SMPP account only when you require sms.


Unlimited SMPP Connection capability

You can unlimited SMPP connection of different companies for backup. Our application is tested with almost every operator's or SMPP provider's connectivity. Making a new connection will hardly take 2 minutes.


Create unlimited Users or Resellers

Using Riffre sms software RSS 2.0 you can create unlimited users as well as unlimited resellers under your account. You will get complete user's and reseller's detail in admin panel.


White Labeled Panel

Completely white labeled panel for you and your resellers. White labeled means your reseller can use his logo and his own branding in his website.

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